No more wilderness!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: we've got nothing against snowmobiles or snowmobilers. That said, it's unfortunate that many snowmobile clubs and organizations take such a myopic view of other land users. Case in point: If you visit the home page for the Snowmobile Alliance of Western States (SAWS), you'll be presented with a crystal-clear synopsis of their stand on public lands: No more wilderness!!!

In their words:

Do you know that we already have close to 106 million acres of Wilderness in the United States as of today? And there are plans to increase this substantially? SAWS is concerned and does not support ANY new wilderness proposal

Keep in mind that these groups are quick to call people who have different values "extremists" (in the case of SAWS, those representing another view are termed "extreme preservationists").

But is there anything more extreme than to than to take such a short-sighted, narrow view of land use?

What about potential lands that lack suitable terrain or snowfall for snowmobiling? Or lands that provide ecosystem support to wildlife and game–are there not snowmobilers who also are also hunters? Or lands that provide quiet places to hike and camp (surely there must be some snowmobilers who also enjoy traveling on foot)?

Just something to think about next time you're called an "extremist."