Great progress on Kapka comments.

First, thanks to everyone who has already sent their comments to the Forest Service regarding the proposed Kapka Butte Sno-Park. We've had a great response so far. The Bend community is clearly expressing a need for improved forest management.

We believe that the development of additional accommodations for motorized users without appropriate and equal accommodations for non-motorized users would constitute a failure to adequately serve the public. Furthermore, it needs to be made clear to the Forest Service that adding non-motorized trails in such close proximity to high-traffic motorized trails and a large motorized staging area does not count as fair accommodation. The two user groups desire different things and cannot be placed in the same area. Non-motorized users desire quiet, clean air, and safe places to travel. These needs are in no way met by any portion of the Kapka proposal.

If you haven't commented yet, there's still time. And we hope to see you at the Film Fest on the 27th.