People for powder.

We stand for free snow. For wind crust and corn and bottomless fluff. For untracked bowls. For sheltered glades. For turns earned with muscle, not machine. For silence broken only by breaking trail. For a chance to measure ourselves against the ungroomed, the unmarked, the unpredictable. We stand for snow on its own terms.

As a community-based advocacy organization, we support quiet, human-powered winter recreation in Bend’s backcountry. We exist to promote access, etiquette, and safety through outreach, education, and collaboration. But we can’t do this alone. We need your voice. To preserve our independence, we must unite. To protect our solitude, we must join together. To enjoy silence, we must make noise.

Whether you’re a backcountry powder hound, an adventurous cross-country skier, or a snowshoeing explorer, we’re all people for powder. Join us.